Hockey’s Lost Boy: The Rise and Fall of George Patterson

Film Poster


His goal launched a hockey empire. When George Patterson suited up for the newly minted Toronto Maple Leafs on a cold winter night on February 17, 1927, he had no idea he would score his first NHL goal that evening, never mind the first goal in Leafs’ history. The story of George Patterson, in many ways, mirrors that of Toronto’s hockey club. His ups and downs often time with those of the Leafs. Ultimately, scandal derail George’s hockey career. This is the story of how one man who loved the game fades from memory, forced to exist in the hockey’s shadows at the same time as the Toronto Maple Leafs club begins to turn its back on its own history. This is the story of Hockey’s Lost Boy.

Cast: Doug Gilmour, Kevin Shea, Ron Ellis, Mike Wilson

Director: Dale Morrisey

Year: 2016

Run Time: 90 min

Genre: Documentary