Patient 62

On poor terms with his sister, Angela (ANNA SEIBEL) since their father’s death, Lucas Chase (REECE WAGNER) is hesitant to believe that she has been taken against her will until he learns their mother suffers from the same strange dreams of her abduction that he himself does. Unsure of the meaning of it all, Lucas enlists the help of Angela’s ex boyfriend, Dennis (ANDREW VALDEZ), and the two set out to investigate the strip club she worked at – and its eccentric owner. The trail leads them to a drug manufacturing plant where Lucas witnesses the murder of a chemist, and accidentally comes in contact with a strange blue substance, soon coming to realize that the drug has given him newfound telekinetic abilities which he struggles to control as he searches for his sister in an ever-changing web of human trafficking and experimentation.

Cast: Reece Wagner, Andrew Valdez, Anna Seibel, Chrissy Mozylisky, Glenn Lapointe | Director: Bryce Schlamp

Year: 2017 | Run Time: 81 min | Genre: Scifi/Thriller